Friday, June 20, 2008

Sign of Progress

Friday, June 20, 2008

60 degrees outside and just after 7 PM. There is a constant dribble of rain from the great gray clouds and limited hope that tomorrow will be fair. Even the soil around here is green with constant, heavy rains leaching much nutrient from the land. Garden soil in Vermont is in a constant state of rebuild this year but unlike the mid west, most of the soil is staying where it should.

We've been home from the nursery for less than an hour and Gail has already visited her mother, checked the care givers for tonight and come home to rustle up omelets for supper. Karl, the wonder dog, has had a ride out back, a nice walk down the road and now he is running around here with one of his toys trying to find someone to play with. It won't be me for a while.

Last night Kim and Lenny showed up to get the new sign on the roof. There was a threat of rain but Kim knew this was important to me and he wanted to follow through on a promise. The sign had been here for a week and I wanted to see it in place on top of the building to see what influence it had on the customer base. (The sign, by the way, was prepared by Joe and Tina at
Sign Depot in Lyndonville. 802-626-0990 This is a great family of some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet.)

I had forgotten that Kim was supposed to be at school for the 8th grade graduation at 7 but once he started the sign, it was clear he'd leave when it was finished. Even when his wife and kids stopped by with a vocal coaxing, he said he wasn't finished and they left in a fury.

If it clears tomorrow long enough for the sign to dry on top, I'll climb up there and silicon on the protective border. The sign is 2 feet high and 16 feet long to comply with local zoning. It was prepared on two pieced of metal board with vinyl lettering. The signs are screwed to pressure treated 5/4 decking and the whole affair is screwed into the frames. If that sign leaves the building, Dorothy and Toto will have returned from Oz as it's all lagged into the rafters. It looks sharp and does the advertising trick we wanted. If you have a business or are contemplating one, think about road signage and visibility. Lots of issues there--enough for a winter's discussion when topics are more sparse and time is more free.

From the mountain above Peacham Pond where dinner is ready.

George Africa
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