Saturday, May 26, 2007

Buying a Tractor

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The sun is rising quickly at Vermont Flower Farm and on the east side of the house the thermometer has climbed to 91.4 It has the makings of a very hot day. I have been remiss in not keeping this blog up to date. Gardening at two locations and working full time has become a bit much.

I just updated The Vermont Gardener so please take a look there until I can get back here tonight. I spent some of the week figuring out which tractor to buy and I've pretty much got this settled. Some of you might be in the same position and I should have some helpful thoughts later today.

Next week we start some major work on this new land with brush hogging, grass mowing, and rototilling. I have organic material by the ton to add to the new gardens and an assortment of other important things going on. The excitement of a new endeavor weakens by 8 each night but rejuvenates with the next day's rising sun.....until I remind myself that I have to encircle the entire property in fence.

Got to get going here. Stop by 256 Peacham Pond Road here in Marshfield and check out the beautiful epimediums and the bountiful trollius preparing to open their buttercup flowers this week. The lower hosta and shade garden is very special right now and on a hot day like today it's a good place to stop for a vsit and cool off.

Hope to see you soon!

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where members of the Vermont Audubon Society are busy in our woods scouting birds, their nests and their songs.

George Africa