Saturday, June 07, 2008

Playing Garden Catch Up

Saturday, June 7, 2008

56 degrees here on the hill this morning. 100% humidity after two days of drenching rains. This morning's foggy haze and quietness are harbingers to the 85-90 degrees and stifling air that is en route by later today. Just the same, this is Vermont and we long for summer, the short season, when gardens grow and gardeners find a peace that is not easy to describe.

I have not written in a couple weeks. It's not because there weren't things to say and invitations to be made to our new location on Route 2, Marshfield. Time is short and most people would say we are crazy to try to do what we do in a day. There's a full time job for me, Alex and his interesting autism challenges for Gail and me, Gail's 91 year old blind mother and her accompanying entourage of care givers to coordinate. Karl, the wonder dog, with his as yet undiagnosed stomach problems........the list goes on. We keep the car full of gas and pads of paper scattered about to make sure that when thoughts come to mind, they are written down so they cannot escape. If we have not answered your email yet, do not fear. We are playing catch-up and we are making progress!Today from 10-2 I will be working on a new hosta garden. I had Gail change the sign by the road to let folks know they can stop by and watch the process if they want. You are invited too. I work and talk at the same time but show the steps from digging into potter-quality clay, scattering the holes with calcium sulphate, working in a variety of amendments, planting and mulching. For me it's a dirty, slippery, tiring process but the reward at the end is what I enjoy and that's what I want people to see. Stop if you get a chance. I'll probably be working tomorrow too, same hours. I stop projects like this at about 2 because that's when customers begin to stack up and I like a clean hand and a dry shirt when I make greetings. Come visit us at our new location on Route 2 just one half mile before Marshfield Village coming from Montpelier, E. Montpelier, Plainfield.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where I have to fire up the tractor, load the trailer with compost and stack on another dozen hostas for planting. If you are coming this way, throw the canoe or kayak on the car as the day will be perfect for all sorts of events.

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
Vermont Flower Farm Our commercial website, a bit behind, but still a great place to order some hardy perennials. Call or write if you have questions.

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