Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Shade House

Saturday Morn'

May 24, 2008

A quick good morning wish as I head out to the nursery with a truckload of astilbes. Time is limited and I haven't been able to keep the correspondence going. Wednesday we started this 20 X 60 foot shade house and Thursday it was finished off. Austin helped me on this one and although he had never done this before, it all went well. Yesterday we put the top on the 20 X 30 foot house we moved from Peacham Pond Road and today we will try to get the 15 X by 70 foot used house up that I bought last month. That one will hold most of our astilbes.

If you are out and about this holiday weekend, stop by our new property on Route 2 just west of the village heading towards Plainfield. Gail has some nice hanging baskets for sale although they may be a little wet this morning after a heavy rain last night. All visitors are welcomed!

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