Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Winooski Headwaters Speakers Series

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

7:30 PM and the final daylight is fading quickly. It's so nice to look out the office window this time of year and view the field below, still covered with snow but changing dramatically each day. In the lower daylily nursery is a spade shovel left last fall when I was digging a late daylily for a late customer. "Autumn Prince" was the tall, floriferous plant just covered with buds. I can still see the high bud count and the +5 foot tall plants. I recall that the customer had just stopped to talk and spotted the blooms from the house and "had to have one". Tonight they are still sleeping, frozen solid, but a fine memory in my mind.

I made a trip to Rutland today after starting in Waterbury so every part of me is tired. I did want to mention the Friends of the Winooski River again (fwr@sover.net 866-683-7197). They have posted three events that you might be interested in. Since our new land borders the Winooski, I'm trying to keep involved.

Here are the announcements taken directly from the local Field Notes, Vol VII No. 8.

Invasive Species: Identification, Impacts and Management. Emily Seifert, Conservation Stewardship Manger for the Vermont Chapter of the Nature Conservancy will be the guest speaker. April 11th at 6:30 PM at the Plainfield Town Hall.

"Japanese knotweed, common buckthorn, and burning bush are just some of the species we'll discuss. Emily will cover what defines an invasive plant species, how to identify them, impacts they have on Vermont's environment, and steps landowners can take to control them."

This presentation interests me because i have been recognizing more and more invasives and trying to deal with them. A few years ago I added a page to our Vermont Flower Farm website. Take a look: Click Invasives

Hydropower on the Winooski River Jon Soter, Manager of Power Production for Green Mountain Power Corporation will speak May 9th at 6:30 PM at the Cabot Town Hall.

"While the focus of the presentation will be on the GMPs operations on the Winooksi River, Jon will cover the company's overall operations and capacity. The presentation will also cover the historical development of hyrdo power as well as GMP's increased focus on other renewables such as wind power."

I plan to attend this meeting to hear more about the power plant just off the Cabot Road leaving Marshfield Village up Route 215. GMP is said to be changing out the pentstock which brings water from Marshfield Reservoir so there will be potential changes to the entire environment in that area when this happens. I also want to gather more information on why they let the water out of the generation plant when they do. If river use is going to to be recommended, planners and users have to understand what it's like to be in the river with steep banks when a wall of water comes rushing down.

Aquatic Species of the Winooski Headwaters June 6th at 6:30 PM at the Old School House Commons in Marshfield, "Steve Fiske Aquatic Biologist for the Dept of Environmental Conservation will offer a combined presentation and field trip, weather permitting. A brief intro to the concept of biological integrity, and the biological condition gradient. A hands-on identification workshop of mussels and crayfish found in the upper Winooski watershed will be followed by a trip to the Martin Bridge to observe the Margetiffera population. Following the presentation, folks interested in helping to survey the upper Winooski and its tributaries over the summer for crayfish and mussels will meet to organize."

Have to try to make this presentation as it sounds like a good summer research/homeschool project for Alex. Sounds fun to me too.

And with these announcements completed , it's off to quieter times for me. The Winooski is an interesting river and its history is something we intend to study. If you know something you think we'd like to know, please call or write.

From the mountain above Peacham Pond where black is the color of the night.

Gardening wishes;

George Africa

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